Technology studies online.

Students interested in technology subjects are naturally suited to studying online. They can easily handle the technical aspects of distance education (which, admittedly, aren’t especially difficult). But they also usually have a temperament suited to the online format. Distance learning requires good organisation and the ability to persist with tasks independently.

Distance Education Courses

Australian universities do a good job overall in providing online courses. You can do almost any kind of subject online. For subjects where in-person attendance is essential, universities organise intensive on-campus sessions each term (usually 2-3 days at a time). Everything that can be done online is. Often you also have the choice to choose units with no attendance requirements.

Engineering is one of the STEM subjects available online where in-person attendance may also be crucial. For that reason, most distance education courses have some attendance requirements. You may need to choose a university near you or organise to stay away from home when necessary. While the top engineering schools generally don’t offer distance courses, specialist online universities do (e.g. the University of Southern Queensland). Online Study Australia has useful information about online engineering degrees.

Computer Science and Information Technology courses can generally be done online. Computer science lecturers are normally comfortable delivering course material in a digital format.