Connections Publishing consulting with client

Connections Publishing provides insightful information on tech education and careers in Australia. Our focus is on Australian universities. We support both current tech professionals and those looking to enter the field.

Expertise and Insight

Connections Publishing builds on the insights and partnerships of Unicurve. The team is led by Dr Andrew Lancaster, bringing his extensive experience in higher education, recruitment, and technology. His background includes forming the idea for the $1b Clean Technology Program.

Consultation Services

Connections Publishing offers advice customised to each client’s goals and background. We highlight the benefits and limits of various tech education paths. Our aim is to make the educational and job market landscapes clearer for our clients.

Our approach is non-prescriptive, focusing on highlighting the realities of Australian higher education and the job market.

Aims and Achievements

We aim to clear the fog around tech career pathways. We provide accurate information and strategic advice. This helps our clients make well-informed career choices.

Our goal is to improve the tech education community in Australia. We want to ensure informed choices lead to successful careers.

Engage with Us

We commit to guiding tech professionals in Australia. Work with us to move through your tech career with clarity and confidence. Our expert guidance and resources are here to support you.