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At Connections Publishing, we offer clear, practical advice for students exploring tech education in Australia. Our focus is on engineering, computer science, and information technology subjects at universities across the country. We help you find universities offering strong technology courses to achieve your career goals.

The tech industry demands constant learning and skill updates. A university education provides the core skills needed and teaches how to keep learning effectively. We cover a range of technology courses, including business information systems, computer science, engineering, information technology, and web development.

Discover universities that match your ambitions. Make informed choices about your tech education with Connections Publishing.

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CX Magazine looks at studying computer science or information technology courses at Australian universities. The best universities for computer science are not just "technology" universities. They include vocational colleges and some big inner-city universities.

EnTech tells you which are Australia's best engineering schools. For bachelor degrees, the best engineering universities have high course satisfaction ratings. At a postgraduate level, the best schools offer an excellent range of professional courses.

Online Connections explains how to go about getting a technology degree online. It includes information on the best universities for distance education. Technology is an area where many courses are well suited to the online study format.

Education and Teaching Connections

Lerna Australia presents online courses, including university degrees, for people living in Australia. Find the right course to meet your education and career goals with the help of Lerna.


Connections Publishing provides  independent information about all of Australia's 40+ universities. We have access to detailed information and stats about student enrolments, course ratings, graduate salaries and graduate employment.

It's not just about the top ranked universities but also the teaching focused and regional universities. For international students, we know that low tuition fees are important, as well as scholarships. After all, the average cost of tuition is upwards of $25,000 per year.

Tutoring services

Opportunities to earn some money as a university student are available by tutoring other students, particularly at high school and primary school levels. There's also demand from "grown ups" for tutoring in special interest areas such as music and art.

Tutoring networks such as Tutors Field Australia make it easy to register to be a tutor or find a tutor near you. Through TFA, you can find a tutor in Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities. Popular subjects include English, Maths, and Piano and Guitar lessons.

Family studies

Child Support Australia is a guide to child support and its interaction with family law in Australia. The articles are written by an independent, private research group. If you're a separated parent, you can find out how the government and legal systems really work when it comes to supporting your children.

CSA is an education service that fills an important gap. You can find out things that lawyers won't tell you (they like to charge for things) and which government agencies won't say. The guide also doesn't have an agenda apart from education and research-based reform.

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